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Partner Perks

Company Finder has partnered with companies that provide a unique offering that can benefit new companies and entrepreneurs. Get access to exclusive benefits through these partnerships by contacting us! 




"The search engine for leads". LeadFuze lets you find specific people/contacts through account-based searches. The benefit of LeadFuze is that they have A.I. and automation services to streamline lists, searches, and more for vetting and verifying leads. Accompanied by integration with tech stacks, LeadFuze is an excellent resource for finding your next lead.​​

Company Finder Perk:  20% discount of lead credits month per month, double the lead credits


LeadsLab PRO

​Linkedin like any other social media software is always changing its algorithm. This makes prospecting difficult en masse. LeadsLab Pro is an algorithm-beating effective way to market and get predictable leads through Linkedin without being flagged as spam. Use LeadsLab Pro to send personalized invites to connect, message, and send InMails. Additionally, there are constant updates to ensure accuracy of the product and new features for creativity with workflows.

Company Finder Perk: 50% discount

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Cave Social

For every new company, the way you revolutionize your brand is through the help of marketing services. Cave Social emphasizes their focus on developing your company's digital presence. They specialize in developing social strategy, full content creation and video production, managing paid social media advertising, and community management.​

Company Finder Perk: Free trial and/or 20% discount

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Content Launch

Content Launch is your one-stop-shop for custom content. Being the "fastest and easiest way to create and manage content"​, their platform is designed for both marketers and agencies. Here you can order custom content, utilize content prescription, and have access to easy content publishing and success reports.

Company Finder Perk: Up to 15% discount

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iPlume Writing Inc.

iPlume Writing Inc. offers clients a host of writing services that can benefit entrepreneurs. For funding purposes, grant writing is one area Company Finder would like to highlight. For other aspects of online presence and professionalism, web page editing, business writing, and emails/social media services are offered.​​

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​To reach the Gen Z market segment across the United States, Ads4Earth has created a social media app designed to create systematic change. Users watch ads to fund a program/cause they wish to support. For businesses, you get the ability to test campaigns, market to active consumers, and support social programs around the world.​


Company Finder Perk: 50% off advertising

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Content at Scale

​Content at Scale is the "first ever platform to scale content marketing". Publish ten to hundreds of blog posts every month at a fraction of the cost as compared to traditional writing and release methods. Here you have access to A.I generated blog posts that conduct industry analysis, keyword coordination and SEO, long form content with images, and all of which is published directly to WordPress.

Company Finder Perk: 10% discount of all writing services


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MOMO Board

​Communication for a project can be chaotic. Messages can be lost, individuals don't receive messages and notifications, and not every device can work with select platforms. MOMO BOARD offers solutions to all of these issues. They are a powerful all-in-one message board for your community that is free and works on any platform. Communicate, collaborate in real time, and archive everything forever.​


Company Finder Perk: 100 GB of storage for verified Master Admin

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Ceyron Technologies

Focused on blockchain development to transform your business, Ceyron Technologies have been assisting companies to supply advanced guard and customized Blockchain App Development Solutions which are invented to refuel and enhance the total procedure of crypto transactions. Their services include: POC development, smart contract development, personal blockchain development, cryptocurrency development, wallets improvements, and solidity utilizing the Ethereum blockchain.

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Eva World

​Eva World is on the forefront of what virtual reality can be used for in a business setting. At its core, it is a virtual presentation/conference host. Past that, it is a platform of flexibility, creativity, and a communication method that works to change what we consider possible as a workplace. Virtual offices, conference rooms, stages, and much more can be found within in this revolutionary platform.​

Company Finder Perk: 15% discount

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​The go-to management platform for companies and entrepreneurs, Zagace combines ERP and CRM capabilities and has produced a software that allows you to have total control over your business. With its enterprise software, Zag Apps, and the "Zagace design", business administrators, general users, and job seekers can all find value from the multitude of features offered.​

Company Finder Perk: 15% discount

Leadership Analysis

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Paragon Intel

Executives make the strategic decisions that define the direction of a company. Truly evaluating the capabilities of the c-suite allows investors to understand which companies will outperform their peers. Founded by buysiders, Paragon Intel brings quantification and a performance-first mindset to a process plagued by gut feel and anecdotal evidence. By analyzing the people running the world's most important companies, they help stakeholders determine future performance.

EV Charging

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EV Energy

​EV Energy is taking the data analytics world by storm with the collection and analysis of consumer messaging and demographics found at EV charging stations. They provide a complete customer journey, demographics information, and a capacity alert and prevention system.​

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