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Company Finder Adds Public Market Advisor, Rob Hall

Company Finder is pleased to announce that it has signed Canadian Private and Public Market’s expert, Rob Hall, to be an Advisor for the Company.

Rob Hall brings over 20 years of management experience of private and public companies to Company Finder and its clients. Rob has raised over $100M in capital and has acted as CFO and CEO in various corporations.

Previously, Rob Hall held the following positions:

  • CFO at CBD Golden;

  • Director at Letho Resources; and

  • VP and GM at Vertidex.

By adding Rob Hall as a strategic advisor, it provides Company Finder more opportunities for acquisitions, and opens up distribution channels and access to capital for its extensive client base. Company Finder believes that the addition of Rob Hall will accelerate traction and growth to extend their strong presence in growing sectors.

“I have known Angus for several years and have been an advisor in his prior companies that he successfully exited from. I’m looking forward to supporting him and Company Finder as they continue to grow. The future is bright for Company Finder and their clients” says Rob Hall, Company Finder’s newest Advisor.

“Rob's past guidance and advice were vital to the development of my prior endeavours. There is no doubt that the same will be true for Company Finder. I am appreciative of all the support and direction that Rob has provided and his knowledge and experience will be essential in helping Company Finder grow. For our clients, Rob’s knowledge and connections will expose them to various opportunities and create value for them” says Angus Burke, CEO for Company Finder.


Company Finder plans to make multiple acquisitions in 2022 to add to its diverse portfolio. It has also recently partnered with entities to leverage their own sales, marketing, and technology expertise. This will provide access to global markets to accelerate Company Finder’s impressive momentum.

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