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Margarita Mondays: February 21, 2022


A toast to fresh companies, every other week.


Welcome to our bi-weekly newsletter where we highlight some of the most interesting companies in our platform. Get acquainted with emerging technologies, new products and innovative services, and contact us if you want an introduction to the C-suite.


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What they do: Data-backed Ad targeting Why we love it: An innovative approach to advertising - displaying more ads on the road and creating new revenue streams for truck fleets, $5.6M revenue in 2021 What they're looking for: $15M raise, strategic partnerships for growth in Germany and U.S.


What they do: Tech developer of its own cameras, with their own video protocol, embedded storage, own production line, tech licensing Why we love it: • One of the six companies in the world certified by Apple HomeKit Secure Video and one of just two that have Apple chip onboard. • Unique patent holders for video transmission & storage plus AR/VR tech • DD and R&D support from Fujitsu & Panasonic • Produced 3,000 pcs devices • Sales launch in the USA in Q4 2021 • Certified by Apple Inc What they're looking for: Strategic partnerships/investors


What they do: Zagace is a business productivity software solving inefficiency problems with their ZagApp, by using Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and web-hosting resources to create a forum for business systems and processes Why we love it: It simplifies the need for multiple software, with 150M business leads, 6M business sign ups, sign ups from 85 countries, excellent management (Forbes' youngest 30 under 30 honoree in the world, former Microsoft VP, Carnegie Mellon professor, Founder Achieve IT Middle-East and Africa) What they're looking for: Strategic partnerships, bridge financing to roll over into IPO


Who We Are:

Company Finder believes there must be a personal connection with all aspects of investing. We provide companies and entrepreneurs access to a trustworthy expert team to achieve growth and success. From this relationship, investors receive quality investment opportunities from around the world.

Disclaimer:1333881 BC LTD dba Company Finder is not an investment advisor and it is not registered. Any information from Company Finder must not be construed as solicitation for investment or promotion of a Company. Company Finder does not provide investment advice or details, or make recommendations. Company Finder is not involved in structuring transactions or negotiating the terms of the offering. Company Finder does not handle customer funds or securities, perform any independent analysis of the sale, or engage in any due diligence activities. Company Finder does not provide advice as to the valuation or financial advisability of the investment. Company Finder facilitates introductions only.

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