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What is a CRM and its Benefits?

When organizing your company's sales efforts, organization of data is of utmost priority. Losing track of leads, not engaging with certain contacts effectively, and reaching customers en masse are all thoughts that deserve to be put at ease. With this in mind, CRMs, or Customer Relationship Management technologies exist.

What it is:

A CRM is a tool for managing a company's relations with customers and potential customers in an efficient and organized manner. Company Finder uses Hubspot to organize our data and it is a great technology especially when it comes to its broad range of integrations with popular business programs and websites. With CRM capabilities to handle marketing, sales, prospecting, automation, and landing pages, the "one-stop-shop" value proposition of CRMs gives companies more time to focus on growth instead of micro-managing data.

Its Benefits:

  • Customer service and retention

A key function of data organization in a CRM is the flow and access to data of individual contacts. With this flow, contact information/properties can be accessed in centralized and filtered areas to best suit the needs of the user. How this equates to customer service and retention is with the ability to ensure key contacts are not overlooked, and specific common demographics can be targeted with specialized campaigns.

  • Analytics

Simply put, CRMs create reports catered to your needs. This can help make business decisions, potentially increase sales, and define a core group of customers.

  • Higher productivity

Everything works through interdependence in a CRM. You control both the back end properties and the GUI to your workflow needs. With this you are able to customize almost every aspect of a CRM to make sure you only see what is important to you first.

  • Better marketing

In most CRMs you have options to send out newsletters, create email templates, signatures, email campaigns, send emails through the CRM instead of a native email provider, and most importantly: manage your social media accounts. With automated posting and visual layouts, it is easy to plan ahead in one manager instead of using various scheduling services from individual social platforms.

  • Increased profitability

Spend less on admin, less time on data management, more time on creative marketing and sales, and find the customers who are your top priority.

  • Streamlined internal communications

When working with a large team information can get lost. With the centralized data services a CRM offers everything including employee interactions with customers can be tracked. This makes referencing data for internal communication much easier when looking for something and the team member who knows it is unavailable.

The benefits of a CRM prove the technology is a key success factor for new companies. As a team leader or independent entrepreneur, organization of data is a foundation to success. With the ability to not only organize data but filter it and discover key customers, CRMs ensure that time is not wasted and you can focus on big-picture items instead of micro-managing events.

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