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"We were highly
impressed with their professionalism and absolute
tenacity in not only developing a good working
relationship but also introducing us to various
professionals, highly skilled and capable of attaining
funds for our Company." - 
Sabeer, CEO, and Roshelle, VP,  Zil Money

“The Company Finder team has been instrumental
in growing my portfolio of companies with their
partnerships, distribution channels and financial
contacts.” - 
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"Working with the team from CompanyFinder is one of the best decisions I've made. They were responsive, knowledgeable, and they have an impressive network of equally incredible people. I really can't recommend them enough." - Tom Barnhill, NextGen Ventures

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"Angus, Liam, and Steve have been instrumental in helping to bring my product to market. We're looking forward to having a long-standing relationship with them". - Brian Robinson, CEO, Brash Wellness 

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“I was introduced to the Company Finder team and they have been a major support in providing me the resources I needed to raise capital and help with our marketing”. -Adam Cook, CEO, Laybak


 “The Company Finder team provided me introductions to clients and boosted my revenue stream by “3X” by months end." - Riel Roussopoulos, CEO, Agency XL

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